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Westmroeland Steel Press Brake custom low run heavy
Press Brake
  • 3 press bakes that consist of a CNC hydraulic 350 ton with a 14' bed, CNC hydraulic 250 ton with a 12' bed and manual hydraulic 600 ton with a 12' bed

  • We have a variety of dies that can accommodate any type of design to aid in a quick turn around for custom formed parts



  • 3 rolls that that range from a capacity of 1/6" x 36" to 3/8" x 120".

  • we can form a variety of cylinders and cones to suit. 

  • if your needs exceeds our capacity we can form halves in the press brake and weld them together


Westmroeland Steel Sawing Tube Structerals custom low run
  • New larger CNC saw with a capacity of 18" x 20" with a miter cut up to 30°, we are setup to cut just about anything from single to multiple pieces.

  • We also have multiple smaller saws to facilitate the custom needs in small run fabrications.

Westmroeland Steel CNC Plasma Cutting Flame Cutting DXF CADD Autocad
Cnc Plate Cutting 
  • Recent addition in 2020  6kw Mazak Laser cutter with a 60"x120"  Table

  •  Hypertherm 400 HPR XD plasma with a 10' x 24' table.    

  • 3" capacity for plasma cutting carbon steel

  •  10" Capacity for flame cutting 

  • we are also able to notch and slot tube along with cutting holes in structural material.

Westmroeland Steel CNC Pipe bending 2" Sch 40 Sch 80
Pipe Bending
  • ​​With a Pines #2 CNC pipe bender with are able to put up to a 3"inside radius on 2" sch80 pipe.

  • we also are experience in fixtureing to aid in holding close tolerances for low to high volume runs


Westmroeland Steel Commercial Blasting and Painting certified paint inspection
Sandblasting & Painting
  •  multiple high volume mobile air compressors paired with 2 1000# capacity pots give us the ability to sandblast just about anything out there. 

  •  We have multiple airless painters along with additional agitating air pressure pots.

  • in house inspections lets us take profiles of the blasting, wet mill measuring, and calibrated environmentals


If a clients' application requires services outside of Westmoreland Steel's  core expertise, we have partnered with local experts to be able to include, but not limited to, the following offerings for your Turnkey solution.


  • Heat treating

  • Plating

  • Fine grinding and polishing

  • Prime

  • Specialized crating

  • More as required

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