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​Product Capabilities


Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Metal Machining & Fabrication Needs Located in Western Pennsylvania.

Westmoreland Steel Froming of plate, CNC Brake Press
Sheet Steel Fabrication 
  • Chutes

  • Welded Transmission Tubing

  • Beltguards

  • OSHA Approved Coupling Guards

  • Fanguards

  • Conveyor Covers

  • Drip Pans

  • sound Attenuation Cabinets

  • Insulated Hoods

  • Electrical Control Cabinets

Westmoreland Steel Welding Fabrications, preheating thick plate
Welded Fabrication 
  • ​​Motor/Pump Base

  • Compressor Bedplates

  • Pump (SAE) Risers

  • Skid Bases

  • Structural Mounting Bases

  • Walkways, Stairs, Ladders

  • Blast Doors & Frames

  • Acoustical Doors

  • Furnace Cars

  • Scrap Buckets

  • Valve Stands

Westmoreland Steel Welding Fabrications, sand blasting commecial painting
Misc Fabricated Products
  •  Bins

  •  Hoppers

  • Cylindrical Atmospheric Tanks

  • Hydraulics (NFPA) Reservoirs

  • Circulating Oil System Reservoirs

  • Weir Tanks

  • Surge Reservoirs

  • Baffled, Rectangular Hydraulic Reservoirs

  • Filtration Frames

Additional services that can be performed to help streamline your next project

Westmoreland Steel Assembly
  • Partial or Full Assembly

  • We are well versed in electrical, hydraulic and mechanical areas.


Westmoreland Steel Testing, patial assembly fabrication custom
  • Small or large, we can build fixturing to suit any type of assembly and or testing.

Westmoreland Steel Cutom cratting logistics
Shipping & Crating
  • we are able to coordinate with local and nationwide specialty trucking firms to assist in making sure your product is delivered safely

  • Special crating for domestic and international shipping

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